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Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 - A Year in Review

I can't believe it's that time again. Time to say good-bye to one year and hello to another. Is it just me or do the years go by faster and faster the older we get? No? Just me? Thanksgiving is usually the time when most people reflect upon all the things they are thankful for. For me New Years is also that time. It's a chance to look back at your life during the last 365 days - the good, the bad, the sunny and the rainy - relive the memories one last time before looking ahead to the next 365 days of your life.

And although I am VERY excited for everything that 2012 is going to bring, I'm not quite ready to shut the door on 2011 just yet. Anyone want to take a trip down memory lane with me?

We started off 2011 in snowy Canada. We went bobsledding and dog sledding and I saw the Canadian Rockies for the first time. It was the perfect start to a new year.

In February we went to Dublin to celebrate Brians birthday...and I made these amazing Guinness Cupcakes with Whiskey Ganache and Baileys Frosting. And perhaps one of the most important things that I did all year - I took a photography class.

March brought more grey skies and gloomy weather, so we escaped to Barcelona to visit some friends and enjoy the sun. And we bought the best accessory for a point and shoot camera EVER. Seriously, get your hands on one of these before your next vacation!

We were finally able to take our belated honeymoon to Vietnam in April and it turned out to be one of the best trips of our entire lives. We met so many nice people, saw so many incredible places, ate some incredible food, and had so many new experiences that Vietnam will always hold a special place in our hearts.

But thats not all we did during April! I also redesigned my blog - and The Traveling Cupcake was born. And at this time I would like give you all, my readers, a huge Thank You from the bottom of my little cupcake heart for reading and supporting my blog. I love writing it and sharing our adventures with you, but its your support and comments that keep me blogging. I hope to see you around in 2012 when we are sure to have many more adventures!

Back to April, shall we? We ended this amazing month with a little thing called the Royal Wedding. Truly an experience I will never forget. That dress! That Maid of Honor and the Best Man! A wedding that will go down in history.

We took a breather in May and slowed down a bit to digest everything that had happened in April. We managed to get away once though and took a weekend trip to Tuscany to celebrate my birthday. Tuscany will always be one of my favorite places to visit, I never get sick of going there! Oh, and I made these kick butt homemade marshmallows!

In June we made a trip back to NYC to celebrate our friends wedding and stayed at one of the most amazing hotels ever. While we were there my friend took me to this amazing cupcake place. Still on a marshmallow high from May I decided to tackle these Chocolate Covered Beer Marshmallows and they were a huge success!

The baking didn't stop in July - I was a busy bee in the kitchen making caramels, granola, more ice cream sandwiches and of course, cupcakes! I also tried bone marrow for the first time - cheers to expanding your horizons! We escaped London a few times to get some real summer weather. We traveled to the coast to see the famous Durdle Door, we visited Brians parents in Paris, and we took a trip up to Scotland (where the weather was surprisingly more summery than London!)

August brought us more treats in the form of chocolate cake, biscotti to accompany my beloved coffee, risotto and goats milk ice cream (what the what?!) We traveled down to Southern France for our last summer getaway where we went wine tasting, canoeing and I ate my weight in cheese.

In September I spent a weekend at the seaside with my girlfriends and got to see a whole new side of England. I made a delicious Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Glaze and showed you some of the weirdest stuff we have seen on all of our European travels.

October was a quiet month for me. Quiet on the blog I mean. You probably noticed I wasn't around as much, but maybe you didn't think anything of it. I shared with you my love for New York City, and we took a short trip to Tuscany and we hiked Cinque Terre. I also shared a new project that I was working on - Children's Photography.

In November I was still quiet as a mouse. If I was lucky I was able to get out one post a week. But at the end of the month I was finally able to share our wonderful news and explain why I had been missing in action.  In order to share all of our baby news with you I launched a new blog - The Mini Traveling Cupcake - and it has taken off! And I made this amazing peanut brittle, seriously this stuff needs to happen in your life. Oh and I lost my job and started a new one all in a span of ten days. Booyah!

December wasn't going to let us end the year quietly. We went back to Dublin and I watched everyone enjoy these amazing Irish Coffees. I made these amazing gingerbread cupcakes and BACON CARAMELS. What?! Bacon in my caramel? Yes please!! I shared our Around the World Christmas tree with you and hopefully inspired some of your to start your own Christmas tree traditions! We decided to make the most of our last Christmas as a couple and planned a week long trip Bavaria and Northern Italy. We just got back and I'm looking forward to sharing the rest of our trip with you next week!


And that is a wrap for 2011. It was a great year thats for sure, and 2012 is bound to bring us many more adventures.

I hope you all have a happy and healthy New Year - cheers to 2012!


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