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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Greedy Goat (goats milk ice cream)

On Saturday I met a good friend for lunch and a wander around my happy place - Borough Market.

After nibbling our way around some of our favorite stalls, we came across a vendor that I hadn't seen before. Not only was it a new stall but they were selling ice cream so I knew had to try it.

And then I took a closer look...

Was I reading that correctly?! 

Did that sign say...Goats milk ice cream??

I have had normal ice cream, gelato in Italy and even glace in Paris. But never have I ever had goats milk ice cream. This, was a must try.

It looked like ice had the normal ice cream flavors on offer (strawberry and chocolate as well as about a dozen others) even scooped up like normal ice cream. But what was it going to taste like? didn't really taste like ice cream, but it sure was delicious!

I bypassed the typical ice cream flavors and went straight for the most savory flavor I could spot (something about the goats milk was putting me in a savory mood rather than sweet). I chose lemon lime basil, it sounded exceptionally seasonally appropriate to me! It would have been perfectly refreshing on a hot summer day (but since I live in London where it refuses to get hot during the summer, it felt more like a fall day). The verdict?


It wasn't bad - far from it actually. But I couldn't quite wrap my head around what I was eating. It was cold. I was eating it with a spoon. But it wasn't exactly ice cream. It had the texture of sorbet and the slight tang of goats cheese. There were tiny bits of lemon and lime rind that added texture and a pop of flavor. It was smooth and creamy but at the same time light and clean.

So, why goats milk? The folks at Greedy Goat boast that goats milk ice cream is naturally lower in fat and calories than cows milk ice cream, and it is suitable for people who are lactose intolerant.  

Less fat, calories and chance of getting a stomach me converted!

Ok, maybe not converted - but I'll sure as heck try it again!

If you are in London and fancy a try, check out Greedy Goat in Borough market on Thursday, Friday or Saturday.


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