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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Brians Birthday Weekend

Last weekend we were off to Dublin for a quick trip for Brians birthday. We dragged our friends Adrienne and Sean along with us (not that we had to try that hard) and had a great night! Yup, night. Singular. Actually we were only there for about 28 hours. Thats how we roll.

Immediately upon arrival we headed to the Guinness factory. Ok fine, we checked in to the hotel first, but Brian was literally tapping his foot with one hand on the door ready to go.  If you'll remember Brian also went to Dublin on his birthday last year - yes folks this seems to becoming a tradition.

The Guinness factory was actually really cool. Its a self guided tour so you can take as little or much time as you like learning all about Guinness, they give you a free taste (or 6) of Guinness and a full pint in the sky bar is included in the ticket! And they have the biggest gift store ever, which explains why Brian came home with an armful of Guinness goodies last year.

barley for the beer
thats a lot of barley! 
water to make the beer

getting our free sample 
more free samples...

After we were done with the tour we headed up to the Brewery Bar for some grub. As you would guess a lot of the items on the menu are made with Guinness, which I have learned is pretty genius. Take for example my Beef and Guinness stew...

you can see Brians stew in the back!
 Or Adriennes Guinness glazed Irish bacon...

umm ridiculous

After a couple more hours up at the sky bar (with amazing views of the city of Dublin, except not when we were there because obviously it was grey and rainy) we decided it was time to move on. To another pub.

We had a great night out with dinner at Brasserie Sixty6 and of course frequenting the many pubs in Temple Bar.

The next morning we had a delicious breakfast at Queen of Tarts, which Brians brothers girlfriend recommended to us as she still dreams about their chocolate pear tart (which I took back to London with me and now I also have said dreams). We only had a little time left before our flight so obviously we booked it to the Jameson distillery. We didn't actually have enough time to take the tour, but we managed to indulge in some Jameson hot chocolate and irish coffee before it was time to head out.

And then we were at the airport.

And that is where I discovered the

I think it was called something like Chocolate World (I made that up, I don't remember what it was called, as clearly I was too distracted by what my eyes were seeing to pay attention to the name). And it had cupcakes, treats and champagne on a conveyor belt for you to pick and chose as you wish.

ummm, seriously??


And on that note,

The End


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