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Monday, September 12, 2011

A Weekend at the Seaside

When I was growing up, living in the middle of a cornfield, in a town hamlet that had one blinking light, I dreamed of moving to the big city. So I did. First to New York and then to London. And now, the older I get, I find myself dreaming of the country.

The grass is always greener, ay?

My good friend invited me down to her parents house by the seaside in West Sussex. It was the perfect escape that I didn't know I was looking for. A quiet girls weekend away from the hectic city, with long walks on the beach, many bottles of wine and lots and lots of laughs.

The weather was...English. Sometimes it was sunny, sometimes it was raining. Sometimes it was cloudy, sometimes it was clear. And it was always windy. Like I said, it was typically English. We made breakfast and a picnic lunch. We went for a long walk along the beach, braving wind, rain and sun. And we laughed.

We made a big, family style dinner. We ate cookies and candy and popcorn. We had wine and watched  TV. We talked and we laughed. 

Laughing, is good for the soul.

Friends, are even better.


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