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Monday, May 23, 2011

Poggio Piglia

A few months ago I was cleaning out my afternoon flood of flash-sale emails when I decided to take a look at what Jetsetter had to offer. Out of all of the flash-sale emails I get (and that seems to be a lot lately), Jetsetter is always the most intriguing.  Slashed rates at fabulous hotels all over the world? 

Yeah, that usually peaks my interest.

That afternoon Jetsetter was featuring a boutique villa hotel in Tuscany.  We were still swooning over our recent two week trip to Italy in October and figured it would make for a nice little weekend away this spring.

Just after noon on Friday we arrived at Poggio Piglia.  The staff greeted us at the front door and we stepped in to the most fantastic villa.  Classically Tuscan on the outside, clean and modern on the inside - it was a perfect balance between old and new.

reading room
After settling in we decided to take full advantage of the sunny hot weather and headed down to the pool area.

Not only did Poggio Piglia hit the nail on the head with the villa, the pool area was just as perfect (we happened to be the only ones down there at the time which made it even better).  The infinity pool overlooked the estates olive trees and vineyard, beyond that you could see miles and miles of Tuscan countryside.

After a couple hours poolside it was time for some wine and a snack. We headed up to the outside dining area and noticed the dark clouds starting to roll in.

As we enjoyed our bottle of Montepulciano and a few nibbles we noticed that the wall of clouds was coming closer and closer.  We could see lightening in the distance and the wind was picking up. In front of us laid a dark grey sky...

And behind us the sun was shining bright as ever...

Seriously, it was confusing.

Now - it rains in London all the time. But it doesn't RAIN in London, know what I mean?

No?  I guess what I actually mean is that we don't usually get thunderstorms in London.  Here, we had a front row seat.

Maybe it was the wine. Maybe it was the electricity in the air. Maybe it was all of the intoxicating sunshine (oorrr maybe that was the wine again).  But when the rain finally started to fall, I couldn't help but smile.


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