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Thursday, March 26, 2009

St. Anton recap

How can I describe our trip to St. Anton? Amazing...sick...breath taking...ridiculous....all of those words and more.

We had a blast skiing all weekend, taking in the amazing views of the alps, enjoying the local food and beer - I highly recommend this place to anyone!!

- warning there are a lot of them! but well worth looking at

We spent Saturday hitting the slopes. Considering it was the first time Brian and I had been skiing in a year I think we did fairly well! We started off a little easy and then decided to take the gondola to the highest peak in St. Anton (2800 meters!) and ski down as our last run of the day. Definitely was a challenge for me, but SO worth it!! Luckily there was an intermediate trail at the top for us to ski down - and we were stopping every 5 minutes to enjoy the scenery!

Sunday we decided to rent toboggans and take those down the mountain. Let me tell you - SO much fun!! Those things can really pick up speed!! I wish we had gotten more pics of us actually using the sleds, but we were having so much fun zipping down the trail, we forgot to take pics!

The hotel we stayed at was amazing, and our hostess Brigitte was wonderful. We met a lot of really nice people and had some amazing food. We cant wait to go back next winter!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Off to St. Anton

Hi everyone!

We are off to St. Anton, Austria this weekend to go skiing with a few friends.

Im sure I'll have lots of crazy stories and amazing pics to share with you once we return - so check back here next week!

Have a great weekend!

Greenwich Photos - finally!

Sorry guys! Ive been a bit distracted the last couple of weeks - here is the link to the pictures we took in Greenwich!

Greenwich Pics

I hope you enjoy!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Greenwich, UK

On Saturday Brian, our friend Katie and I took a little trip to Greenwich. Home to the Old Royal Naval College, National Maritime Museum and the Old Greenwich Royal Observatory, its just a quick trip from London. We boarded a commuter boat that picked us up at London Bridge, made a few stops along the Thames and then dropped us off right on Greenwich's doorstep a mere 35 mins later.

We began wandering around the Old Royal Naval College. It was so beautiful - large imposing white stone buildings, daffodils and crocuses blooming everywhere, gilded spires...Brian even admitted that it beat the pants off of Kings Point. From there we wandered up to the National Maritime Museum grounds, which were also breathtaking. The acres of green grass and the surrounding park were a joy to see for anyone who lives in a major city. On the top of the hill is the Old Greenwich Royal Observatory, and after a short but steep hike to the top, we took in some awesome views of Greenwich and London in the far off distance.We spent a couple of hours at the Observatory, straddling the Prime Meridian, enjoying two hemispheres at once, and then made our way back into town for some lunch. Greenwich is a super cute little town, has a kick ass market (which has a stall that sells FLAVORED COFFEE, virtually unheard of here in London) and a lot of charm. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up for our trip to Greenwich, and plan on returning very soon!

Blog will be updated soon with a link to our pictures, I highly recommend you check them out!
Spring has sprung here in London...well, sort of. The weather steadily gets better and then comes crashing down every few days (which is fairly typical of most seasons here, I have noticed). But the crocuses (or is it croci??) and daffodils are out - flowers just make everything better! HAPPY SPRING!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Borough Market

I think its about time I share with you a very special part of me and Brians life here in London...its called Borough Market.

We have been going to Borough Market since way back in November when we were brand new Londoners. Basically its a huge food market on the south bank of London, very close to London Bridge. Its only open Friday mornings and Saturdays. There are tons of food stalls - selling everything from produce to cheese, bread and fresh pastas, to lamb burgers and beers from around the world. You can find pretty much everything and anything you can think of.

Our favorite part (or one of them at least) of the market is a little cheese stand that sells two things - toasted cheese paninis and raclette (boiled potatoes with freshly melted cheese poured on top). Generally we start our trip to Borough with a cheese sandwich....for breakfast...and it only gets worse from there. Brian and I love food (probably a little TOO much) and we thoroughly enjoy finding new gems in the market - one weekend it was a blueberry muffin sent from heaven, this weekend it was a Black Velvet cupcake made with Guinness and cream cheese icing. They also have a specialty beer stand, which sells unique beers from around the world - including 3 brews from Brooklyn Brewery!

That being said - if you ever come to visit us and your stay involves a Saturday...expect to be taken to this little slice of heaven, called Borough Market.