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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Today is our ONE YEAR anniversary of moving to London.


My, how time flies when you're having fun.

To all of our friends and family who have come to visit - thank you so much, you have made our time here so much more enjoyable.

To our friends and family who haven't - get your ass over here stat! :)

We have another big year coming up (something about a wedding...?) and I'm sure it will be filled with even more fun and crazy adventures as last year. So keep checking back here regularly - cuz we ain't goin nowhere!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Ljubljana - Slovenia Day 1

I have managed to upload a few of the albums from our Slovenia trip, so I'll post as many of those that I have.

I already posted from Ljubljana while we were there (see that post here) so this post will be pretty short. We decided to start our vacation in the countries capital. It was a small but cute city, with the Old Town being the best part of it. We stayed right in the city center and enjoyed wandering around all of the side streets during the afternoon. There was a castle on top of the hill that overlooked the city, but I never made it up there (Brian did however, and said it was great!).

We had a fantastic dinner of thin crust pizza - our first of MANY that is (good things come from being Italy's neighbor) and enjoyed sitting in the town square watching a live soccer match on the screen that they had set up for the public. All in all a great start to the vacation!

Check out our pictures here

Saturday, October 10, 2009

technical difficulties


In addition to this being a very busy week (what's up new job??) I am having some technical difficulties updating the blog. It seems that we have reached our photo capacity and it wont let me upload anymore photos into picasaweb and/or the blog. So until I get that fixed the recaps will be put on hold. Sad, I know. But stick around - I hope to have it up and running soon!

Monday, October 05, 2009

Ireland with Danielle and Ed

I might have previously mentioned that when I came back to London from the US, my friend Danielle and her husband Ed flew back with me, to come and visit for a week. Unfortunately they had some pretty rainy weather here in London (surprise surprise), but we were hoping things would turn around when we took a mini-vaca to Ireland. The four of us left bright and early on Thursday morning for a 3 day trip to Ireland. We were going back to the west coast, near Galway, and stayed in our friends house that we stayed with the first time we were in Ireland (so some of these pics might look familiar!)

The sun gods looked down upon us for those three days because we had some GREAT weather. A little cloudy and cool here and there, but it was mostly sunny fantastic weather. Brian and I took Danielle and Ed to a few of our favorite places - including spending the afternoon in Galway, having lunch at the Quays pub and spending some time in the near-by town of Clifton. We dragged them on a hike (as we needed to practice for climbing Mt Triglav the next week!). And though I think we were way more excited about it than they were, they were great sports about it.

On the third and last day in Ireland we decided to drive to the Cliffs of Moher. They are about an hour away from Shannon (where we were flying out of) and were so worth the side trip! The cliffs are absolutely amazing. It is stunning to see their size and the way the sea pounds away at the rocks to carve out these beautiful cliffs. All together the cliffs are some 8k long (I might want to wiki that) and if you venture out far enough they take down the railings...and you can step as close to the edge as you dare. We weren't nearly that gutsy though, and stuck mostly to wide open spaces far from the edge. The weather was amazing, in fact the sun was so bright at times that we had a hard time taking pictures because the sun was washing them out. But hey, if that's all I have to complain about - Ill take it!

Here is the link for all of our Ireland pictures...enjoy!

A big THANK YOU goes out to Danielle and Ed for coming to visit us. We loved every minute of having you guys stay with us, and hope that you had a good time too!

Next up - we have 5 hours to unpack, repack, sleep and get our butts back to the airport for our Slovenia trip!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Vacation Wrap Up

Hi there! So, posting regular updates during our vacation didn't really pan out as well as I hoped. We had sporadic access to internet and when we did it was usually so slow it made checking email a painful process. I wasn't even about to attempt to post anything to the blog, in fear of making the computers blow up. But, now that we are back - let the posting begin!

We had an AMAZING time in Ireland and in Slovenia and we have TONS of stories (and pictures - 1000 pictures to be exact!) to share with you. I'm going to try and post everything as quickly as I can because I am so excited to tell everyone about it, but there is a lot so it might take a while.

I have decided to post everything in sort of daily recaps - it makes it easier for me to recap each day, and easier for you to only too at 100 pics at a time, instead of all 1000 all at once! Ill be starting with recaps from Ireland, moving on to Slovenia and finally ending with Venice.

Until I can get the recaps and photos ready to post - here is a quick recap of everything we did on vacation (including a few New York and London related updates!) :

- Drove\flew in 4 countries in less than 14 hours (Ireland - England - Italy - Slovenia...our flight schedule was a bit nuts)
- Visited the Cliffs of Moher with some kids from Po-town (we love visitors!)
- Got a new job (a real job this time!!)
- Climbed a 10,000 ft mountain (and lived to tell about it)
- Bought a wedding dress (don't worry I didn't find it in Slovenia) and booked a wedding venue (finally!)
- Went from the highest peaks to the deepest caves in Slovenia (2 of them to be exact)
- Signed a lease on an apt that we had only seen in pictures on the internet (thankfully its amazing!)
- Marveled at waters so blue and clear we swore they were taken from the Caribbean and put into the Julian Alps (too bad it wasn't as warm!)
- Got lost in the streets and canals of Venice (on purpose, and with gelato in hand!)
- Realised that no matter how fun vacation always feels great to come home (looking at all the laundry we have to do does not feel as great)