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Friday, April 22, 2011


Change, so I hear, is good.

So, change there will be.

I'm makin' some changes around here...starting with my name.

Not my real name of course, just the blog name.

Although if I were to change my real name, I would probably change it to one of those crazy names that celebrities are naming their kids nowadays - like Apple or Tallulah. I'd be so fancy.

Right, back to the blog.

I thought it was high time this blog got a real name. Its been growing and evolving ever since I started it over two years ago. Its really coming in to its own, and I have more plans for it in the future. So, a new name.

the traveling cupcake (thats me!)

New address - make sure to save it to your favorites - (better yet, become a follower and get my blog delivered to your inbox free of charge!)

Unfortunately 'the traveling cupcake' domain name was already taken on blogger. Can't win 'em all.

As I mentioned before, there will be some more changes coming up, so look for those soon!


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