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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Houston Arboretum

I have lived in a big city for the past eight and a half years of my life. I don't mind the tall buildings, the concrete jungle or the hustle and bustle of every day life. However, my roots are in the country. I grew up in the middle of corn fields and every once in a while - especially now that I am not so young - I long for the quiet peacefulness of rural countryside. What we managed to find was not quite as peaceful as the countryside but offered us a few peaceful moments together as a family, enjoying nature.

A while back we decided to visit the Houston Arboretum. We liked it so much that we decided to go back with Brians parents over Thanksgiving. It's only a few miles from our house but it feels like you way outside of the city (apart from the traffic noise that you can hear from some of the trails. Eh - you win some and you lose some). There are over five miles of free walking trails covering forests, ponds and wetlands. There is a discover center as well for grown ups and little ones alike to learn more about the habitats and wildlife at the Arboretum.

Last year (2011) Houston went through a major drought. We could see a lot of the trees that had died from the drought and notice how the ones that survived were struggling to stay alive. And even though we went at a time of year that is not particularly pretty (I imagine spring, summer and fall are all more aesthetically pleasing times of the year to visit) we still enjoyed walking along the paths and enjoying a little quiet time.

We have been having some chilly weather lately but as soon as it warms up I fully plan on taking Kaitlin here for walks. It is easy enough to put her in the jogging stroller or Ergo carrier and get lost exploring the trains for an hour or so. And soon she will be able to walk the trails with us!

Grounds and Trails are open 7 days/week from 7am-dusk