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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pinch Me

I might be dreaming.

We have had AMAZING weather this month, especially the last week and a half. This weekend was no different, and we saw two days (three if you add friday!) of full sun 65* weather! Granted it wasnt the 88* that NYC saw this weekend, and 65* isnt even that warm (if you ask me) - BUT, I will take it!!

I hit up Hyde Park on Saturday, as did several thousand other Londoners. Brian enjoyed the day playing American Football in this great weather!

We took a walk down to the canal today and enjoyed a nice cold beer (gotta love open container laws!). All in all - a great sunshine filled weekend :)

Friday, April 24, 2009


I think my dream of being a fabulous baker is in the toilet.

The last few times I have tried to make the fantastic, humongous choco-liscious cookies I was once famous for (ok, at least famous amongst my friends for...) - I have fell flat on my face. Actually, my cookies have fallen flat. And crispy. And burnt.

At first, I thought it was my oven (its always the ovens fault, never mine!). Its a mini oven, so surely the internal temperature must be off. I bought an internal oven thermometer to get it to a perfect 375* F. Wrong. Still didn't help.

Then I thought it was the measurements. Baking is a science. Unlike cooking where you can throw in a little of this and a little of that, you cant do that when baking otherwise it can throw the whole thing off. Maybe I had gotten a little too cocky, so I went back to measuring every ingredient exactly...including buying a food scale so that I can properly measure the butter (damn brits and their metric system!).

Wrong. Again. Still flat, still crunchy...and yet completely unbaked in the middle.

Boo. Next time I'm in the US I'm definitely bringing back some Crisco butter sticks. If I fail using those I know that it is not my destiny to be a baker. Cross your fingers...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fortnum and Mason

One reason I love having visitors (beside the obvious that is), is because they usually have a laundry list of places that they want to see\visit. The usual suspects are always there - Tower Bridge, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, etc etc. But every once and a while theres something on that list that I haven't been to yet. When Dan and Ayaka were in town, that place was Fortnum and Mason.

Ayaka showed me a japanese tour book of London that she had brought and told me she wanted to go to a shop she had read about, and pointed to the famous\iconic department store. Leaving the men to go visit a war museum (or something of that boring nature), us ladies took off to find one of the greatest department stores in London.

Next to Harrods, Fortnum and Mason is a must-see for all things lovely and British. Their tea selection is outstanding, amazing china (that I would most certainly break if left alone in that department for longer than 30 seconds) and an adorable way-too-expensive childrens department.

And it was there that I had the pleasure of meeting this lovely little thing. Its name is Toffeecino, and I think I'm in love.

and yes, that is a baby ice cream cone that you see on the right hand side. *swoon*

Oh - and I tried on this cool hat. I think im destined to become a chef. Some day.



I just realized that it has been almost a MONTH since I posted something on this blog.
Im ashamed.
I've been neglecting you.
Please forgive me.

Soo, heres a little recap as to what we've been up to this lovely month of April...

Our friends Dan and Ayaka came to visit us from New York. They came over Easter weekend to attend a British friends wedding and, of course, to see us. It ws so great having them here, and they definitely saw a lot of London.
On Good Friday Dan, Ayaka and Brian went to Leeds Castle for the day (which is not in Leeds, go figure, but only an hour or so away in near by Kent). Their pictures are amazing - they had a great time exploring the grounds, having afternoon tea (well, Ayaka did at least) and getting lost in a hedge maze.

We went to a local pub for Easter dinner with a couple of other American friends that have recently moved to London. I think that Sunday roast has now replaced Brunch as my favorite weekend meal. Afternoon lunch quickly became beers-and-monopoly and another local pub, and before we knew it Easter was over. I have to say, I missed not having any peeps this year. Brits dont believe in marshmallow Easter treats...only chocolate eggs.

Other than that our April has been pretty boring. The weather has been AMAZING (for the most part), and yes it shocks me to write that in all caps. But really, its been quite warm (60s aint to shabby) and there have been more sunny days than rainy. Im actually quite nervous that all of May, June and July will be rain soaked because of all of the nice weather we have been having.

Cross your fingers that isnt the case.