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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wedding Story

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I attended my good friends wedding in Connecticut (remember this post on Winvian?) in the beginning of June.  My previous post was mostly about the amazing reception site/resort, but I also wanted to do a special post on the wedding itself. You know I love a good wedding - I just had to share this with you!

The official wedding activities started the Thursday night before the wedding when the grooms parents hosted the rehearsal dinner at their summer house near the NY/CT border. Everything about this wedding was personalized and well thought out, all of which extended into the rehearsal dinner.  The bride spent hours painting handmade signs for the wedding activities (including signs directing guests to Winvian placed along the suggested route from the church).  She also designed their logo and all of the paper products for the invitations, ceremony and reception.

Guests at the rehearsal dinner dined on homemade hummus, fried shrimp with honey and mediterranean salads.  Spiked Iced Tea and Pimms were the drinks of choice that night - the Pimms was a subtle nod to the couples current home in London. Dessert was made up of dozens of homemade cookies by the grooms family, including the sweetest baklava you ever did taste.

After the crowd was full of good food and happy from a few drinks enjoyed by the waters edge, things got sentimental. Speeches were made by many a family friend in remembrance of the brides father, a slide show played of the the bride and groom growing up and then growing together, and guests were even treated to a song performed by the bride to her groom.  There was so much love in the air that night that it was palpable.  There wasn't a dry eye in the house - and this was only the beginning!

The ceremony was held at a small church in downtown Ridgefield, CT.  A picture perfect church and weather to match.  The wedding ceremony was hand crafted by the bride and groom, so much so that the minister even commented that he had never seen so many revisions by a couple in all his time as an officiant.  Lanterns lined the aisle with deep blue hydrangeas and candles.  The bridesmaids wore floor length navy gowns and carried bouquets of blue and yellow, the ring bearers were in matching seersucker suits and navy boat shoes (ie, the cutest thing on the face of this planet). An old friend of the brides sang Jack Johnson before the processional and close friends read passages during the ceremony.  It got slightly awkward when the minister forgot to hand over the bride - leaving her brother at the alter a little too long - but in the end we were (fairly) certain that Sean and Adrienne were officially married.

It was official - and now it was time to party! There was a bus stocked with snacks and drinks for those who needed a ride up to Winvian. Cocktail hour was held out on the lawn, with lounge chairs and tables, a 3 piece band, signature cocktails and the most amazing hors d'oeuvres (I still have to google that word EVERY time I want to use it!).  The mini mac and cheese with pancetta and parmesan crisps were a crowd favorite. The reception tables were named after cities the couple had visited while dating, and place cards were made of vintage city postcards on luggage tags showing the guests which table they were at.  The tags hung from tree branches, a vintage suitcase and photo guest book told the story of their travels and relationship.

The reception was held in the Gordon Brown House, which was transformed with candles and flowers.  The live band played classic hits all night long and the tented patio provided a lounge space for guests to get some air and relax.  Dinner did not disappoint either - asparagus salad and a beef duo (with the most tender, delicious short ribs I have EVER had) made up the first and second courses while amazing red velvet wedding cake and smores (made out at the fire pit) rounded out the dessert selection.  Guests (and groom!) were treated to a song performed by the bride, arguably the best rendition of 'At last' that anyone in that room had ever heard (including the singers in the band!)  The rest of the evening was spent dancing to the Heartbeat Dance Band, with lots of love and laughter filling the Gordon Brown House. (Apologies for the less than stellar photo qualities below, I couldn't get enough light!)

And as if that wasn't enough, there was an after-party planned at the Helicopter cottage.  Bikes from the other cottages were lined up outside the door, signaling the party was in full swing when the bride and groom showed up...ready to party the night away as newlyweds.

Congratulations Sean and Adrienne!

Reception location - Winvian
Photographer - JAG Studios (check out her blog to see some of her amazing work, hopefully her photos of this wedding will be up soon - I got a sneak peak and they are to die for!)


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