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Sunday, November 15, 2009

The other red meat...

As you know we are HUGE fans of Borough Market (as demonstrated in this post). We made our weekly pilgrimage to my happy place to meet a few friends and grab some grub. Brian got there before I did and had already formulated a dinner plan by the time I got there (as well as housed a to-die-for cheese sandwich). What was on this weekends dinner menu? Ostrich steaks.


You read it right.

Turns out - YUM is right! We cooked that bad boy up tonight on the grill (in our GARDEN!!! Yes, still super excited about the garden) - along with a rack of lamb (have I died and gone to heaven?). We cooked the Ostrich steak the same way you would a regular beef steak, and it tasted pretty much the same as regular red meat! Its healthier than regular red meat as well...this could become a staple bbq item this summer!

I managed to pitch in a little today - I baked some chocolate chip cookies for dessert...still having major issues getting my cookies to look right (hmm I guess it WASNT our old oven then...). So after the first batch of regular CCC, I stuck the rest in a pan an made blondies. What a dee-liscious end to the weekend!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

When life gives you lemons...

*make lemonade!*

I just found out that my job at Gap won't be permanent. I was initially signed on for a 4 month contract with an option to extend it. Sadly, that option was just taken away. They just announced a big reorganization of the company, which majorly impacted our London office and parts of the NY office, and my position will be moved to NYC as of May 2010. Oh the irony.

Back on the interview train I go...I wallowed in self pity last night ("no fair - I JUST found a job that I really like, in an industry that I love, doing what I do best!!" - yes, as a grown adult I whined "no fair") but I am trying to take on a sunny approach to the situation this morning. Hey - at least I have a great project to put on my CV (in London no less, for a global company!) and maybe this final push from the fashion world will give me the guts to try something new! All I know is, I won't be back in that bloody hair salon any time soon.

Another blessing is that I'm employed at least until the end of January, possibly until May. So don't worry my'll still all get your Christmas presents this year :)

"When life gives you lemons...make lemonade"

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Ain't these perrty?

**some be-yooo-tiful zinnias that I bought at our local farmers market a few weeks ago**

We are all moved into our new place and 95% unpacked! Most of our giant american sized furniture fits (hooray!), save for a few jumbo occasional tables, and we had very little problems moving in. Much to my shock our internet and phone were hooked up the same night we moved into the new flat, although yesterday we did have to wait over 10 hours for Sky to come and hook up our cable tv (not to mention that when they finally came they only brought the cable box and not the chip card that actually accesses the now we have another useless cable box sitting in our living room). However, 1 out of 2 aint bad!

Pics of the apt are coming soon - I promise! Hope you had a nice weekend!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Pack it up, Pack it in

Brian is so sick of hearing that. What? It's not annoying to sing the same two lines from a rap song over and over and over every time I start packing up a new box. It's not - I swear!
That's right folks, we're moving! Much to our dismay, we have to pack up our stuff and move out of our lovely apartment at the end of this week. The bad news - packing is a pain in the ass. The good news - our new flat is AWESOME. Right now I only have a few pictures of the new apartment with all of the previous tenants stuff in it, which would be weird to post on this blog. So once we get all settled in I'll be sending pics of our new home!
Our internet is supposed to be installed the same day that we move into the new place - but lets be real, the odds of that happening are about the same as me getting through this move with less than a dozen new bruises. But I'll cross my fingers anyway, and hope that all goes well! If you want our new address send me a note and I'll update you. I figured posting our mailing address on the internet was not the best of ideas. Go me for thinking ahead. I think that deserves a cupcake.

Happy (belated) Halloween


I know. This post is about, mmm 3 days late. Oops. I'm going to blame it on the fact that Halloween isn't a huge holiday over here. In the weeks leading up to the actual day there were more Christmas decorations and candy in the stores than there were for Halloween!

However, there was a little bit of spooky activity in these parts - we had a pumpkin carving competition at work! Its an annual even, and gets very competitive. Working in a creative environment certainly results in some creative carvings!

My team decided to scale back on the "carving" and focus on the "decorating aspect of the event. I present to you - Pumpkin Gaga

It was actually pretty rubbish (direct quote from my coworker - not me!) but we had a great time dressing her up. Sadly, we didn't place in the top three...we probably came in dead last to be honest. But still, it was fun.

And now we have a looonnngggg two month wait until the next big Holiday here in London, Christmas. The Christmas songs have already started on the radio and the lights are already up in all the streets. I'm sure I'll be sick of it all by Dec 20, but for now I'm kind of loving it!

Hope you had a great Halloween!