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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I got the camera stick

Hopefully you have a little 50 Cent stuck in your head now (what song? anyone? anyone?)

I would like to introduce you, to someone something very special to me.

It could be, my new favorite thing ever.

I think I'll call it Sprinkles.

Oh was my pet bunny rabbit when I was a wee one (true story, who names their pet after cupcake toppings??)

This my friends, is the Xshot (aka The Camera Stick)

I know, I know - I am a huge nerd. But hear me out.

Brian and I first spotted this little gem when we were traveling through Slovenia a year and a half ago. We saw a couple using the Xshot and snickered to each other -

"What a bunch of dorks, what are they using to take their picture? Har har har"

And then - these happened...

Whats missing from this picture, you might ask?

Oh nothing...just this...

And then this little gem

Missing from this photo? 

Gross, what a horrible view...

I could show you example after example of pretty horrible pictures of us that we have gotten when asking random strangers to help us out. But I'll spare you the gory details. You're welcome.

And then...slowly we remembered that strange couple, up on a hill top in Slovenia. Maybe they weren't so silly after all!

And so the search began...for the elusive camera stick.

We asked every single camera shop we went in, in every town and city we visited. No one had a clue what we were asking about. The closest thing we could find was a monopod. Camera stick fail.

Time was getting tight - we knew we had to get our hands on one of these puppies before our honeymoon in Vietnam. We would like to have some nice photos to remember the trip by, with both of us in them, and hopefully some amazing scenery in the background. My Vietnamese is a little rusty, so I dont think I'll be asking too many people on the street.

And now I would like to thank Google. Thank you Google. I type such random, weird phrases into your handy search bar and you deliver the most amazing results.

And now, thanks to this little addition to our family, we are sure to get many more wonderful pictures (with BOTH of us in them!) like these -

the ceiling at versailles

les invalides

the eiffel tower

1 comment:

  1. Matt actually looks European in these pictures. I find that incredibly amusing.

    Carry on.