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Wednesday, June 01, 2011


After checking out of Poggio Piglia we had nearly a full day left in Italy before our flight back to London. We decided to head back towards Rome and spend the afternoon in Orvieto at the recommendation of the villa.  Orvieto is a larger town located on the top of a large butte in Umbria.  The setting is quite dramatic, you can see the town from miles away perched on top of cliffs seemingly about the topple over the edge.  Aside from the stunning location Orvieto is also widely known for its Cathedral.

The Cathedral was stunning - it always amazes me how these massive churches can be so ornate and decorative and at the same time plain and humble. Its an oxymoron I'm still trying to understand after the dozens and dozens of churches that I have seen.  We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around the small back streets of the town...


And eating wasn't even that good but it was still SO GOOD...if that makes sense...

One more side note/wicked cool thing I had to share (and I'm sure I'm about three and a quarter years behind the times on this thing).  I recently downloaded the app "Photosynth" for my iphone which allows you to take panoramic photos and it stitches them together for you. Best.Thing.Ever.  And its totally free.  Super extra bonus. 

I present to you a, slightly wonky, panoramic shot of Orvieto (with two suns...we gotta work on that stitching thing...)


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