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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sail Away...the details

Hope you liked the teaser photo from Turkey. And yes, I really do want to go back. As soon as possible actually. Is now ok?

The trip started early - like 2:30 am early - and we travelled for many, many hours (4 hour flight, 2.5 hour car ride which actually turned into a 4.5 hour car ride due to road construction. Awesome) but as soon as we stepped onto Yarim Adalie (our humble floating abode for the next 5 days) we knew it was well worth the trip. The boat was big enough to sleep 12 plus crew members, but we were only 5. Lots of extra room. Bonus.

Our crew for the trip happened to be a family. The father was the captain, the mother was the chef, the son was the deck hand and the 4 year old daughter was our entertainment. Im not sure if that last was was intentional or not, but it worked out just fine.
I dont really have too many exciting details to share about the trip - our days consisted of waking up and going for a quick swim (which Brian literally slithered out of our bedroom window right in to the sea), sat down to a big breakfast spread, set sail for a neighboring island or bay, laid in the sun, sat down to a big lunch spread, swim, lay in the sun, move to our final location for the day, have a cocktail, sat down for a big dinner spread and finally when we were pink from the sun and full of delicious food we went to bed. And repeat.

Seriously, it was pretty much heaven.
And since we had all of our entertainment and food (and drinks) on board the boat already, we didnt really see a need to join society or see other people. We mainly kept to ourselves, sometimes waving to international passengers on a passing boat (if we felt like it). On the third day we went to Simi, a Greek island close to where we were. After we docked in the afternoon we wandered around the quaint tourist town and debated having dinner in a restaurant, instead of on the boat. We took one look around at the tourists and headed straight back to the boat. Much better.

As much as we travel and go on "vacation", this trip truly was a vacation. I didnt even feel the need to read the book that I had brought on the trip, I was so relaxed. Apart from getting to and from the boat, we didnt have to deal with other people, crowds, surely wait staff or annoying tour groups. We never knew how nice it could be to truly get away from it all. And now of course we are screwed. Its the only way we want to vacation from now on.

Since that wont be possible, I guess we'll have to make due with European cities and towns. Until our next sailing trip next summer....

Photos are here - please dont hate me.