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Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding

So here's the thing.

I am a HUGE sucker for weddings. LOVE. Totally obsessed.  The royal wedding though...?


I thought it was cool - good for her, I thought, eight long years you go girl! My plans for the big day? Watch it on TV with the 4 bagillion other people, even though I live 5 miles away from the wedding venue.

And then, in a last minute "I-love-weddings-must-freak-out-and-obsess-over-them" moment...I decided to go see the wedding - with the bagillion other people doing the same thing.

camping out in front of Buckingham Palace

We went to a pub that was kiddy-corner from Westminster.  Even though we were so close, I felt so far away.  My plan? Watch the wedding on the TV in the pub and cheer as the vehicles carrying the royal wedding party drove down the road behind me. Thats close enough, right?

I *might* have found the flag on the street and proceeded to carry it around with me all day...whatevs

ummmm....for reals?

we caught Wills and Kate snogging at the pub before the ceremony

And then...I felt a little flutter in my stomach (it may or may not have been because of the champagne...)

first champers of the day...possibly at 10am...
A little, nervous energy started to creep in...suddenly I HAD to be outside, RIGHT NOW.  I forced persuaded Brian to let me sit on his shoulders while the processional drove by.

Pippa and the little ones on the way to the chapel
True to the original plan, we watched the ceremony in the pub.

And then.

Oooohhhhh and then.

It was time.

I dragged Brian out of the pub, away from his beer, and scrambled up his back like a little monkey....

That is the closest I will EVER get to royalty in my life.

Not too bad if you ask me.


  1. I loved your blog today! I followed the link from your MCP Project submission! Lucky you! Glad you decided at the last minute to involve yourself!

  2. Actually, Harry is kinda cute!! Good job , especially the part of dragging Brian away from his beer!! nice pics. And back to regular Monday... Sigh!!

  3. Thanks guys! It was definitely an experience of a lifetime...I have a feeling the party will continue all the way until Tuesday!