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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bath time!

Grab your rubber ducky and towel - its time for Bath


I'm funny.

Anyway, back to the story.

Our lovely friends Katie and Heather gifted us with a weekend in Bath as our wedding gift. We have been terrible at traveling around England and they knew it - this was a good way to "force" us to see some of the country. OK guys, twist my arm. We were only going for an overnight, and we really didn't do much research - we had heard great things about this charming town and we were excited to get out of the big city.

We arrived Saturday morning and had heard from some friends of ours that were in Bath over the summer, that there was a boat ride that you could take up the river and then walk back to Bath along the canal. We are suckers for canals (and we heard about a great pub that the boat takes you to - SOLD) so we got on board right away.
The weather started off cold and rainy, but by the time we wandered back in to town the skys were blue and the sun was out! Bath is full of shops and restaurants and we had a great time exploring the town. Saturday night we were treated to dinner at Hudsons Steakhouse (Brians favorite part of the wedding gift) and the meal did not disappoint. What did disappoint was the torrential down-pouring rain, but we got over it as soon as we were in the warm dining room.

Sunday we had heard the weather was going to be terrible (hence, the rain the previous night) but again the clouds blew away and we had blue skys! We saved Sunday to visit the bath houses - both the original Roman Bath which is now a museum and the new, modern bath spa that uses the same spring that the Roman bath was found on! We started off at the modern bath spa and enjoyed the steam rooms and rooftop pool (because the springs are naturally warm, the cool autumn temperatures didnt bother us!). After we were well relaxed we headed over to the Roman Bath and explored the museum, listened to the history of the spa and town and took in the views.
We have to give a great big THANK YOU to Katie and Heather for this amazing gift! We had a fantastic time on our trip and highly recommend it. Here are the rest of the pictures.

Next up - Paris and Italy...see you in 3 weeks!