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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Photography Project - Children's Photography

If you haven't noticed by my lack of Project 52 posts lately, I have become a little bored with the project. This is pretty typical for me - start off with a bang and buckets full of enthusiasm and then slowly push it to the back burner and become distracted by something else (Baking? Shopping? Shiny tinfoil??)

To combat my boredom with Project 52 I decided to try and challenge myself in another way. I have been interested in expanding my photography experience into other areas for a while now. I've done plenty of travel and landscape photography, and really liked the fast paced street photography that I did in Vietnam. I would love to try my hand at photographing weddings or newborns or children.

So that's what I did.

I put the word out with a friend of mine that has two little ones and has lots of friends with children. Soon after I had my first "project". The Roos family graciously let me invade their home for an afternoon taking photos of their beautiful children (and one cousin!). The children - Sienna (two and a half), Mia (eighteen months) and cousin William (also eighteen months) - were really good sports, letting a strange lady stick a big, weird camera in their faces.

I'm not really around kids that much so to say I learned a lot was an understatement. I learned how quick you have to be on your feet and comfortable with your camera you have to be. I found myself sticking the settings on Aperture Priority just to keep up with the little ones.  I also learned how quickly little kids moods can change - from happy to crying to laughing all in less than 60 seconds!

I would like to give a great, big THANK YOU to the Roos family for letting me photography their lovely kids!


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