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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sweet Revenge

While I was in NYC last week I had the chance to go to a place I have been hearing about for some time now.

A place that serves wine and cupcakes and beer. And even has beer and cupcake pairings.


I met a friend for dinner* at Sweet Revenge over on Carmine St in the West Village. Founder, Marlo Scott, opened Sweet Revenge a few years ago after being laid off by the corporate empire she was slaving for (see - every cloud!). She had been toiling in her kitchen for almost two years developing recipes and a business plan.  When she found herself jobless - she knew what to do!


In another word - DELICIOUS

*And by dinner I mean two pitchers of sangria and cupcakes. I love being an adult.

apologies for the poor picture quality in this post - the thunderstorm outside stole my good lighting!
One of the most fun parts about this place is reading about all of the delicious wine and beer pairings that go with the cupcakes on offer.  Who knew beer went so well with cupcakes?? In the end though, we couldn't resist the happy hour special of a pitcher of sangria for $15, so thats what we went with.

The place was slammed with people - groups of friends, first dates (at least I hope it was a first date, it looked slightly awkward) and young parents.  Clearly this place caters to all types! After hearing the cupcakes of the day we made our decision...

The signature Sweet Revenge cupcake for my friend A.

And one of the flavors of the day - Bird of Paradise - for me

In another word - RIDICULOUS

There was an excellent frosting-to-cake ratio, and while both cupcakes were very sweet you didn't feel like you needed five fillings at your next dentist appointment. I would like to say that comparing the two flavors would be impossible since they were so different, but that would be a lie (because my cupcake lost). The Bird of Paradise cupcake was amazing - a light lime cake with mango buttercream and lime zest. Perfect for a hot summer day. However. The Sweet Revenge was the perfect combination of peanut butter cake with a thick ganache filling and was piled high with peanut butter fudge frosting. I can't even write that without salivating.  Seriously, I'm drooling. Thank god I'm already married - drooling is not cute.

Now, get your butt down to Sweet Revenge and grab yourself a cupcake!  Better yet - try it with one of the beer pairings and let me know how it is. 

Bring a date - just don't drool in front of them.


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