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Thursday, October 20, 2011

New York, New York

New York.

Oh, New York.

How do I even begin to talk about the first great love of my life? I guess I could start off by telling you about how I've missed New York every day since I moved away nearly three years ago (sorry London, it's nothing personal). I could tell you about how I compare every city I visit to the great NYC. New York for me is some what of a cross between your first great love and your dad - a mixture of warm and fuzzy feelings mixed with awe and admiration.

Every time I arrive in New York - whether by plane, train or automobile - the first glimpse of that skyline gives me a lump in my throat, my heart beats faster and I inevitably press my nose up against the glass to try and get the closest look possible.

As soon as I step out into the street I'm immediately overwhelmed by the sites and sounds - hundreds of people rushing up and down the streets, street vendors selling photos and hotdogs and hot nuts, car horns blaring, ambulances screeching by and jack hammers that sound like they are coming from inside your head rather than four blocks away.

To some, it's pure chaos.

To me, it's bliss.

I love how the city keeps reinventing itself. There is always a new, hot club - restaurant - neighborhood - dessert - [insert anything you can think of]. The city is always moving, shaking, pulsing. You can find something to do - ANYTHING you can imagine - at any time of day, any day of the week. If you are bored in New York City, then you aren't trying hard enough.

Hungry? Me too. Where shall we eat? Five star, Michelin star rated high class restaurant? Small, cramped hole in the wall down in Chinatown or Alphabet City? Something in between? Italian, American, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Czech...pick a corner of the world and you can find it in New York.


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