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Friday, August 28, 2009

Kayaking - Day 2

When I woke up the next morning - I was greeted by this amazing view...

Not too shabby.

However, the last thing I wanted to do was put on my soaking wet wetsuit and kayak 12km. Alas, that was the only way back. So we packed up the campsite and were on our way. We stopped mid-trip to take a detour to see the largest waterfall in the fjord that we were on (largest waterfall by volume, that is). We hiked pretty close to it - I felt like I was on the Maid of the Mist! After a quick break for lunch, we had a one-track mind - getting to the end. Brian and I paddled our hearts out and we so happy to step back on land with our wobbly legs at the finishing point! It was an amazing experience, but we were happy to be done paddling.

After we got the boats packed up we made our way back to Voss for our last night in Norway. We were originally supposed to be camping our last night, but upon our return to the Nordic Ventures office (which is conveniently located next to a hotel) we took one look at the hotel and ran as fast as we could for a real bed.

We took the train the next day from Voss all the way east to Oslo where our flight was later that night. We decided to take the longgg train ride (6 hours to be exact) because we heard the scenery was amazing. It certainly was amazing, but after 5 days in the country to be honest all we wanted to do was get home. A very long 14 hours after we started our journey home, we made it back to London. We were exhausted but it was worth it!


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