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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Copenhagen recap - Day 2

On our second day in Copenhagen we decided to take a canal tour of the city. Along the Nyhavn Canal there are a good handful of tourist-trapping-must-see canal boat tours. And we walked right into one of them. Considering all that we saw, the amazing weather, and a chance to see the city from a different angle, we would walk into that trap all over again! It was also good because Brian was able to see the major sites of the city (which I saw on Day 1). We toured around the city for an hour and a half, had a great tour guide who explained what each of the buildings were (in 3 different languages) and had a great time!

We had checked out of our hotel that morning, with plans to take the train over the Oresund Bridge to spend a couple of days in Malmo, Sweden. After the boat cruise, we walked over to Christiania (the tracy-friendly part of it!) and had a nice relaxing lunch. With happy, full bellies we made our way to Sweden! The train ride from Copenhagen - Malmo is only about 30 mins long. The bridge consists of 4km underground tunnel and 8km bridge. Unfortunately we were on the underside of the bridge (the top is cars-only) so we couldn't see the amazing architecture of the bridge, but we could still the the water and all of the wind farms.

Once we arrived in Malmo and got settled in our hotel we decided to go for dinner in the "little square". Right off of the "big square" (these are technical terms people, go with me), the "little square" is famous for its social atmosphere - filled with bars, restaurants and cafes, it is the center of Malmo nightlife. We had a great sushi dinner (Malmo is famous for its super fresh fish, especially salmon!) and then wandered over to the Western Harbor.

We managed to go to the Western Harbor right at sunset! It was amazing to see the Twisted Torso and the Western Harbor at sunset. Unfortunately our camera battery died during the canal cruise earlier that day, so we were only able to get a couple of pictures. After a llloonngg journey back to the hotel (we may or may not have gotten lost once or twice) - we called it a day!

I forgot to add this in my Day 1 post - here is the picasa link to all of the pictures!


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