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Thursday, August 27, 2009


On our second day in Norway, very very early in the morning, we caught a flight across the country to Bergen. Bergen is the adventure capital of Norway - any kind of outdoor activity that you would ever want is available in Bergen, or relatively close by. We flew to Bergen because our kayaking trip was due to start about an hour and a half outside of Bergen.

It was too early to check into our hotel so we headed straight into town. The harbor in Bergen is so pretty and picturesque - the leaning wooden houses from generations ago, the harbor filled with yachts and fishing boats, and the fish market that takes place every day in the center of the harbor. We decided to take a train tour of the town. And by train I mean a Chou Chou train - it had tourist trap written all over it but it was suggested by one of our guidebooks and we only had one day in Bergen, so we figured why not?

Big mistake. We both hate to do touristy things like that, and we were reminded why. The tour was mostly older (MUCH older) people, and we had to listen to a pre-recorded tour of the town, but when we got caught in traffic the tape didn't pause. We almost jumped off the train mid-tour. So, to punish ourselves for making a stupid decision like that (and wasting a lot of money, Norway ain't cheap yo!) we decided to hike to the top of the mountain that overlooks Bergen. There is a funicular railway that you can take to the top - but we decided to hike it instead.

As usual I complained all the way to the top...and as usual the view was breathtaking once we got there. The sun came out and the weather was amazing!! Ill let the pictures speak for themselves...

We enjoyed a great seafood dinner in the harbor that night and toasted to a great day!

Next up - Voss

Oh - here is the link to the pictures. I'm warning you now - there are a 300 a lot...have fun :)


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