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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Copenhagen recap - Day 3

Oops - somehow this post got saved in my drafts instead of published - sorry for the delay!

We spent most of Saturday wandering around Malmo. Not that there is a lot to do there...although its Swedens 3rd largest city, we managed to cover most of it in a couple of hours. We went to the two largest parks in Malmo, the weather was still gorgeous so we had to take advantage of it. A quick tour of the city center and then we headed back down to the Western Harbor, hoping to take in another beautiful sunset.

We wandered around the apartment complexes and around the Twisted Torso for a few hours and marvelled at the architecture. Each block had its own unique look...very different from the row apartments in London and huge apartment complexes in NYC.

We ended the day back in the Little square with a pint of Pilsner Urquell (of course Brian managed to find the only Czech bar in Malmo) and some more delicious seafood. We were headed back to London the next day, so we tried to enjoy it all in the little time we had left.


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