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Friday, August 28, 2009

Kayaking - Day 1

The original reason for us going to Norway in the first place, was to go on a 2 day kayaking trip down the fjords with a few of our friends. Some friends of friends had gone on the same trip with a company called Nordic Ventures and highly recommended it. So, we ended up booking a trip with two other couples that we knew from New York, that now live in London. They all arrived late Friday evening and joined us in Voss early on Saturday for our kayaking trip.

After we packed up the van, our guide drove us to the starting point of our trip. We packed up our kayaks with 2 days worth of food, tents, gear, clothes and wine (woohoo!), had a brief tutorial on kayaking and we were off! It took a few mins to get used to kayaking (for me anyway) but we quickly caught on. It had rained a little in the morning but the clouds were starting to break as we began our trip. We were to kayak 25km over two days, with the longer day being Day 1. We kayaked a couple of km and then took a break for lunch. It was amazing to see the sheer size of the fjords - the water was as deep as the mountains were tall. The sea was so calm, usually it was like glass, and if we stopped paddling it went silent. In one word - it was amazing.

Our guide told us to keep a look out for seals, otters and dolphins (keep in mind, this was sea water we were paddling in!) - and low and behold we actually saw some dolphins! Thankfully we were in 3 double kayaks, so Brian shared the paddling with me (ok ok - so he did most of the paddling, who am I kidding). Even though the journey was long, we did it at a slow and leisurely pace, so we could really enjoy our surroundings and appreciate the beauty that was all around us. It really was a once in a lifetime experience.

We finally made it to our base for the night, quickly set up camp and had a delicious grilled dinner. A few drinks around the fire and everyone forgot about their sore arms - and the remaining 12km we had left! Life was good.

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  1. I wanna see dolphins in the fjords! lol!

    beautiful pics :)