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Monday, August 10, 2009

And the verdict is...

Two very enthusiastic thumbs up for Copenhagen and Malmo. As I mentioned last week, we really hadn't done any planning for this trip (much like our very successful trip to Ireland...I'm seeing a theme here) and we were so happy with this trip. We had AMAZING weather the entire trip and found Copenhagen to be an amazing city - fantastic architecture both old and new, friendly people and lots to see and do. Malmo was also a great addition to the trip - a small city on the coast of Sweden with some amazing architectural achievements in the last few years (more details and pics to come!)

We struggled a bit with the language though...and found things like this highly amusing...

'Rea' means 'Sale' in Swedish....he he he...

A full recap and link to pictures will be posted shortly - hope you guys had a great weekend!


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