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Sunday, November 30, 2008

moving and thanksgiving!

finally - we have furniture!! as i mentioned, last week was busy. we got our furniture delivered, internet installed, and we got cell phones! i feel connected to the world once again!

so our furniture was delivered on wed, and the movers wasted no time bringing in all the boxes and unpacking them right away. and by unpacking i mean taking everything out of the boxes and putting it randomly all over the floor or beds. but whatever, help is help. it was an exhausting day, and thank god brian was able to take the day off and help, but it was SO nice to see our stuff! and it seems the apt was made for our big american furniture, everything fits perfectly! we were worried about a couple of pieces not fitting, but everything managed to squeeze in.

we had a thanksgiving party at the apt on saturday night, which helped force us to finish unpacking! we had a bunch of friends (ok, basically all the friends that we have here) over for dinner, i made the turkey and everyone else brought a dish to pass. i have to say - the turkey turned out well! no one died, and i got a lot of compliments! hooray!! unfortunately we forgot to get a picture of the beautiful bird before brian started hacking into it, but you can get the idea...i have to say, i have see enough of the inside of a turkey for one year. and guess what - someone brought a pumpkin pie! turns out whole foods got another shipment in, not only of canned pumpkins, but of premade pumpkin pies. so, i got my pie this year after all :)

i hope you all had a nice thanksgiving!!

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  1. awwww tracy love the apartment...are those counters really skinny! cant wait to see it!!!