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Monday, November 24, 2008

11/24 - hooray!

lots of things to be excited about this week....
1. our tv was delivered today! we will only be able to watch a couple of the local channels until our cable in installed (in another 2.5 weeks, ugh) but at least we can watch those!

2. i discoverd today that british DVDs work on my computer!!!! this is big...well maybe not as big as it would have been a few weeks ago (since we have our tv now we can buy a dvd player) but up until today i didnt think that british dvds would work on my comptuer, since they are both formatted differently. my comptuers one smart cookie though and rearranged its setting to accomodate the dvd! yahoo! like i said, not as big of a deal since i can just go buy a dvd player for the tv...this information would have come in a lot more handy the past 2 weeks weve been in the apt without any tv or shows to watch....sometimes its the little things i guess :)

3. our furniture is getting delivered on WEDNESDAY!!!! two days from now i will be sitting on my couch!! and sleeping in a real bed!! and have all of my pots and pans to cook with!! im starting to feel normal again!

4. we get internet hooked up at the apt in friday!! yahoo!!!! now i wont have to go to the internet cafe anymore, i can surf the web from my own home!!! im almost crying with joy...

5. well ok, i guess thats it...oh yeah, were having a thanksgiving day party at our (newly furnished!) apt on saturday! cross your fingers i dont burn the bird...i should stock up on frozen pizza just in case....

hope you guys have a lovely week, and a great thanksgiving!!


  1. Oh my gosh - what a relief, on all fronts!!! Can't wait to see pics of your furnished apartment :)
    xo - Maggs

  2. Yeah deffinitly send pics!!!