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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

11/18 - raining again

i know i know...i moved to london, so i should get used to the rain already. ok, fine. im trying. anyway, its another cold and rainy day today. ive claimed my seet in the internet cafe for a little while trying to find a good exhibit or something else fun to do inside today.

i hope you guys had a nice weekend. we laid pretty slow friday night and saturday during the day. sat night was a different story. leave it to brian and his friends to book a reservation at a bavarian beer hall for 20 people for a saturday night. actually, its The Bavarian Beer Hall, and there only ended up being 10 of us. but still. ill include a picture or two, from those im sure you can draw your own conclusions.
i have to say though, they have quite sharp marketing skills those bavarians...conveniently displayed next to our table was a glass case full of beer glasses, hats, and other ridiculous garb...which of course seem completely necessary to own and wear after youve downed a couple liters of beer and had a few 'jager trains' (for the ride of your life...CHOO CHOO!!). dont ask. if you come to visit, we will take you there.

so far, no internet and/or starting to understand why people complain about Sky TV, BT TV and general customer service skills in this country. ill be back on the phone this afternoon pleading with both companies for someone to install cable and internet before the end of this century. hey, at least we speak the same language...i can see this type of issue being an even bigger problem/hassle to deal with in say Italy or France. speaking of which, i think ill go look at flights :)


  1. haha LOVE the pics especially the second one =p You're definitely taking us there when we visit! Sorry about the rain -- MISS YOU!!!

  2. i see what cep is drinking, but what about everyone else?