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Monday, November 10, 2008

Windsor Castle - 11/4

So the weather didn’t turn out to be amazing when we went to Windsor Castle, but at least it didn’t rain – so we were fine with it. We took the train from London to Windsor Castle, it was about an hour outside the city. The royal family still lives in Windsor Castle, and usually stay there on the weekends when they are in town. No sightings of the queen or the princes though…oh well, maybe next time. We took a guided tour of the outside of the grounds and then were left on our own to explore the inside. A very large, destructive fire swept through a lot of the castle in the early 90s, and much of it was destroyed. You would never had known it though, because it was fully renovated to the original décor – the furniture, paintings and flooring are all exact replicates of the items that were originally there but lost in the fire. Miraculously, a lot of the original furniture and paintings could be saved, before the fire and water were able to destroy them.

We stayed until lunch and then made our way back to London for the evening. We went to an election night party at our friend Sarahs apartment in Islington (where we live now!). I am completely surprised at the amount of coverage that OUR election had over here. Every time we turned on the tv there was a story on about the election, or on Obama, or on McCain. I think they were paying more attention to it than some of the cities in the US were!
It was an early night though, we had to be up early the next morning to go see our new apt!

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  1. oh miss are doing a wonderous job being our tour guide through england (in my british accent). Now go find me a prince!!