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Thursday, December 11, 2008


HORRAY!!!!! I finally got my computer back! sorry i havent been posting, my computer caught a nasty trogan virus last week and had to get a complete overhaul of the system. but now shes back, with a fancy virus system and better than ever!

last week brians brother gavin was staying with us after he finished his peace corp assignment in morocco. brian was able to take off one day and we did a little site seeing, they went to a rugby game at wembley stadium and all around we had a great week! the weather was unusually nice...not really that warm, but it has been quite sunny....which is very unusual.

our was good, watched WallE a few times (and highly recommend it) and spent a lot of time working on the apt (We are very domesiticated these days). Saturday night we went out for my friend Jess's birthday. we went to an area called Shoreditch and its just south of where we live. think lower east side. we went to a couple bars and had a great time.

This week has been busy trying to get my computer up and running. now that its back i can resume looking for jobs and things to do. i cant believe christmas is coming up so quick! we are trying to take a short holiday christmas weekend, but havent booked anything yet. it would be nice to spend christmas someplace really snowy, but it turns out most of europe will be rainy, so im scouring the alps trying to find someplace to stay for a few nights. What are your plans for christmas? new years?

hope you guys have had a nice couple of weeks, id love to hear from you!!


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