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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

11/19 Buckingham Palace

I woke up this morning and had quite the surprise…it was sunny out! Not London sunny, when there are still clouds roaming here and there, many of them black and ominous. It was completely 100% sunny out! I guess someone was upstairs listening to me complain yesterday :)

So, I scrapped my plans to go to the museum and chose to do a little site seeing instead, since the weather was so nice. Museums can wait for rainy days. I decided to make my way over to Buckingham Palace.

I got over there pretty early and since it is the middle of the week, it was fairly empty. I was able to get some great shots of the palace. I decided not to do the inside tour, again that can wait for another, darker day.

After visiting the palace I walked along the mall that heads to Trafalgar Square. I decided to cut through St. James Park on along the way, its a little more scenic than the mall. All in all it was a beautiful fall day, and even a little warm!

And on another good note, we finally know when our furniture is coming!! It will be delivered in one week, on the 26th!! Hooray!!! We are getting our new TV next week, and if all goes well tomorrow, we will have our internet hooked up by Thanksgiving. Cross your fingers for me! Since they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving over here and all of our American friends have to work, we are going to have a little thanksgiving gathering over here the Saturday after. Im just glad well have all of our furniture so people don’t have to sit on the floor and eat off of paper plates :)

**UPDATED 11/28 - see the link below for all the pictures!**


  1. Sounds like you are having fun. When you were at Westminister Abbey, did you go in?? If not you must. Talk about history...
    Keep us up to date on your progress....

  2. 11/22/08 10:37am
    I just spent 40 minutes brushing a foot of snow off both cars and the driveway in 16* weather ......FOG, RAIN....yeah, bring it on!!!


  3. i didnt go in that time time i go (which im sure i will!) i will definately go in. trying to save some of the touristy stuff for when people come to visit! hint hint!!

    ok youre right - at least it doesnt snow here! that much anyway :)