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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

the great pumpkin search

if you read the blog you know that brian and i are hosting a thanksgiving party on saturday for our american friends. brian always has pecan pie on thanksgiving, and i like to have pumpkin. it looks like he might win hands down this year.

i started my search for canned pumpkin (assuming at there wouldnt be any ready made pumpkin pie filling like there is in america, and assuming i am waaaayyy too lazy to actually boil/mash/make my own pumpkin filling) yesterday at our local grocery stores. i searched high and low and couldnt find any, though i wasnt that surprised. racking my brain of some other grocery stores, even specialty grocery stores in london i remembered that there was at least 1 Wholefoods in the city. thinking that they are an american company, perhaps they would have some canned pumpkin.

i trekked down to the west side of the city today to wholefoods. again, i searched high and low and couldnt find anything. since i had travelled out of my way i asked customer service if they had any. they assured me that they did, and i had simply over looked it (silly me!). i was led down to a big display area where the pumpkin was kept, only to find the entire shelving unit empty! after my customer service rep conferred with a coworker, it turns out that they sold out of the whole lot yesterday! they even helped me out and called the other 4 wholefoods in london to see if they had any laying around, and everyone was sold out. turns out there are more americans here celebrating thanksgiving than i thought! next year ill have to remember to stock up on pumpkin a few weeks beforehand....

until then, pecan pie here i come.

1 comment:

  1. no pumpkin pie! that's blastphemous!!!! hope you have a good turkey day celebration even with...pecan pie...eeewww totally can't flip that!!