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Monday, November 10, 2008

Wednesday 11/5

We were up early Wed morning to go and see the new apt. The agency that we used to find the apt does a complete “inventory” of all new apts that their clients sign leases for. Basically what happens is two guys walk through every room and closet in the apt, noting anything that is not in perfect condition. Anything from slight discolorations on the walls\carpets\tiles to drains and light bulbs that don’t work. The report then gets itemized and a copy is sent to us and one to the landlord. Once we leave the apt, they will come back in and compare the state of the apt to the original itemize list – so they know what to charge us for (anything new, like holes from hanging pictures) and what damages were originally there.

The reason we went to the apt though, was to see the new carpet!! Thankfully I don’t have pictures of the original, hideous sea green carpeting that was in the apt when we first saw it…you would probably throw up looking at it. But the landlord out in new, beige carpeting throughout the whole apt, it looks so much better!

Wed night we went to our friend Katie's apt for a fireworks party. Wed was Remembrance Day...i believe it was the day Parliament was bombed during WWII…and they celebrate this holiday by setting off fireworks and having bonfires and a big party. The big question was, why do they set off fireworks in the middle of the city…sometimes in the middle of apt complexes or on the street! Katies apt building has a large backyard, so all the residents built a big bonfire and set off fireworks. As you can imagine we were pretty confused, since fireworks are pretty much illegal to buy on your own in NYC, let alone be able to shoot them off in such a crowded city!! And yet here…you can buy them at the supermarket…interesting…


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