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Monday, November 03, 2008

around town

today brian and i went to the Science Museum, we have to force ourselves to go out and do things even though the weather was gross. its hard to spend more than a couple of hours in this tiny apt without climbing up the walls. the Science Museum, for the most part, was pretty interesting. if there werent 932048392 kids there, it might have been slightly more fun. its a pretty interactive museum, which explains the high concentration of kids running around. the great thing about all of the major london museums is that they are FREE! FREE! amazing! we went to the Victoria and Albert museum last week, which has an interesting and vast collection of pretty much anything created by humans that you can imagine - from paintings, sculpture, iron works and jewelry...the list goes on and on! i am saving all of the major art museums (tate, tate modern, etc etc) until brian starts work...that way i can enjoy them without him getting bored!

we took a long walk through Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens yesterday...we basically started out from the furthest corner away and walked through the entire thing, to end up at the corner that is closest to our apt. it is such a great park - it is absolutely HUGE, with tons of open area to run, walk, bike, ride horses, anything you can imagine! it definately seems bigger than central park..but what do i know. we came across royal alberts hall yesterday (we have yet to go inside) quite by accident, but it was cool to see.
its nearing the end of autumn here in london, so we were lucky to be able to enjoy some crisp sunny weather and the changing leaves for one more afternoon.

tomorrow we are planning on going to Windsor Castle for the day, i hope the weather is nice!


  1. Congrats on your new apartment, I hope the move has gone well. Great picture of your laptop power cord! Have fun exploring.

  2. Hey guys! Glad to see you are having fun exploring London. I miss you both! Really glad to hear you got an apartment though! =) Well keep us updated, I love reading about the stuff you do over there! <3 you!