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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Project 52 - week 7

Hi all! Ready for this weeks photo?

Me neither.

I actually almost didn't submit a photo this week as I didn't have time to take the photo that I wanted to fit the theme. Correction, I had the time and even had my camera with me - but of course I forgot to put the memory card in the camera. Of course.

This weeks theme was "Open your heart". I didn't want to go the obvious route and take a photo of something heart shaped, and that pretty much gave me zero ideas.

Finally, Friday morning as I was getting ready for work I had an AH HA! moment realizing the perfect thing to take a photo of.


Its been hard living over here - away from my friends and family, where the average temperature year round seems to hover around 50* and words like bin, rubbish and aubergine replace your normal vocabulary.

However, over the last two plus years I have slowly been opening my heart to London.

But don't worry New York - you're still number one!

Right, back to the story....I knew exactly where I was going to take my picture - on my bus ride to work every morning, just as we are going through Piccadilly Circus heading towards Green Park, the street opens up and you can see right down to Parliament. The light is usually so pretty at that time and sometimes when its a little foggy it can look like a painting of old world London (bar the Pizza Hut sign on the corner).

Half way in to my journey to work my stomach suddenly dropped. I opened up my camera and found the memory card slot empty. Sinking further, I tried taking a test photo to see if my camera had some sort of smaller internal memory card that I could at least use to take a couple shots. No such luck. Sunk.

One OTHER thing I opened my heart up to this week were those fantastic Guinness et al cupcakes I made over the weekend!  Thus - this weeks photo....


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