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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up

It's been a busy, busy weekend. Last week was a rough one. Work has been really busy and stressful, and Friday couldn't come fast enough. 

Crazy work = stressed out Tracy = needs quality fun time with friends with lots of food and drinks. 

Friday night we went up to Hampstead to the Kenwood House to see The Gypsy Kings. They were playing as part of the English Heritage Picnic Concerts. We got tickets for the lawn seats which let us put down a few blankets, bring our own food and drinks and rock out to Bamboleo.  We had some cheese and crackers to snack on and I brought some cupcakes (more on those later) and the Strawberry Vodka that I made last week. 

First of all - you need to make this strawberry vodka ASAP. Go buy some strawberries and a bottle of vodka. Put them together in a jar and put it in a closet for a week, shaking it once a day. And thats it - youre done. It will change your life. It's tasty enough to drink on its own on the rocks. But add a little lemonade and sparkling water and you have the BEST summer cocktail. Just be careful - these things are dangerous and go down way too easy!

On Saturday we went to a surprise 30th birthday party. Seriously, surprise birthday parties are the bomb. And yes I just said that. It's totally true though. What a wicked cool way to show someone that you love them - get all of their favorite friends and family in a room to celebrate  how awesome they are. Do it for someone you love, they will totally love you more than they do now.

By the end of the night I was eating birthday cake with my hands - it was definitely a good party.


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