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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Reader Mail

Every once in a while I get an email response to one of my blog posts. Nothing makes me happier than getting a personal email from one of my readers. Typically, said emails are from a few of the same faithful readers (a big shout out to G+G especially!), and I love hearing what people have to say about what I have to say.

I'm getting to the point, don't worry.

The other day I received this email about my recent Guinness Cupcake post -

"I think we could skip all that fattening stuff and get right to the Guiness with a shot of Irish whiskey mixed in with Baileys on the side.  I suppose you could put a cupcake wrapper around the Guiness if you wanted to......."

While I don't happen to fully agree with this reader, as I live for the "fattening stuff" (ie chocolate, butter and sugar....*drool*) I see what he's getting at...

So here you go faithful reader - I hope you enjoy!


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