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Friday, February 25, 2011

Project 52 - week 8

Happy Friday!!

I have to tell you - I am mighty glad its Friday...even more than usual this week.

It was quite the week -
particularly stressful week at work...
photography class for 3 hours after work every night...
stomach bug knocked me down for a couple days...
dog sitting for the second half of the week....
all on my own.

But have no fear, all is right in the world starting tomorrow. No work for two days....Brian gets back tomorrow afternoon...and I have a world of knowledge in my little brain about my camera and how to improve my photography.

So for the last two hours of this crazy week, I'm going to sit here with a glass of wine, food network on in the background, and show you my photos for Project 52. Not.too.shabby.

This weeks theme: The view from here...

OH what a theme! The possibilities!

At the end of what seemed like one of the busiest I have had this year (so far...) a blessing shined down on me - that little blessing was sunshine and temperatures over 50 F *cue angels singing*

It really is amazing what a little sunshine and warm weather will do for people - I actually saw people smiling and whistling walking down the street!

The view from here....was Spring!

Unfortunately I know this nice weather is short lived...back to freezing temperatures and rain by Monday. 

I'll take what I can get! Here are a few more of my favorites from this week...


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