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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Project 52 - week 6

Its that time again - Project 52 time!

The theme for this week was "Words".

I was a little stuck for ideas, so I checked out the Flickr group to see what other people had posted for this theme. A lot of people took pictures of their favorite books, either on a shelf or open or stacked up. I decided that I wanted to go a completely different route. I headed to Soho in London to check out what kind of cool shop and street signs I could find.

And there I found neon. Lots of neon lights.

No this isn't a neon sign to strip club. That sign would say "girls", c'mon now.

Actually this was taken at a clothing store (I don't even remember what the name of the store was), and it had two entrances - one labeled "male" and the other "female".

I wish I had a bigger zoom lens, I really wanted to get up there in the letters.

The theme for week 7 is aptly related to Valentines Day - open your heart.

Any suggestions?

Here are a few more favorites from my neon photo shoot.


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