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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer Plans

We officially have the bug. No, not swine flu (thankfully) - the travel bug. We are trying to make up for lost time (since we barely traveled all spring) and the nice summer weather, and have just finished booking all of our trips from now until October! Since you guys usually don't get to hear about our trips until AFTER (sometimes WAY after) I get back, here's a heads up as to where in the world Brian and Tracy will be this summer (and fall!) -

- Copenhagen - Another "tag along" work trip for me. Brian has to go for work and I decided to stow away in his carry on for the weekend. We will be splitting our time between Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmo, Sweden (two more countries down!)

- Oslo and Bergen, Norway - This will be a work\leisure trip. Work for Brian in Oslo, leisure for me in Oslo, and leisure for both of us in Bergen. We will be joining some friends in Bergen for a kayaking trip down the fjords. Speaking of which, I should probably attempt to get some arm muscles before this trip...

- New York\Rhode Island\Connecticut - we have TWO dear friends getting married in September! First its off to RI for wedding #1, I will be staying the week after to visit friends and family all over the state of New York, and back to CT for wedding #2.

- Ireland - AGAIN!! We loved it so much we just had to go back. And our friends that are visiting us from NY in Sept requested it as a side trip. Twist my arm, ok ok I'll go back to Ireland!

- Slovenia - This time its pure leisure (but not all relaxation!) as we head to Slovenia for two weeks in Sept and Oct. At first we were going to split our time between Slovenia and Croatia, but there are so many AMAZING things to see in Slovenia, we will probably end up spending most of our time there - hiking, kayaking, cycling, CAMPING (people who know me, you can faint now) - and enjoying some amazing scenery along the way. Check this out -
Julian Alps - here we come!

Speaking of which (again) - I should try to get some leg muscles, those peaks look pretty high...

So make sure to check back every couple of weeks, theres bound to be a new travel update!

I hope you guys are having a GREAT summer so far - let us know your plans for the summer!


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