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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Malta - Day 4

The original reason we decided to go to Malta was because Brian had to go down there for work. So, on Monday we split up - he went to work and I went off to Valletta for the day. And by go to work I mean he left before dawn to visit a ship docked off the coast of Valletta. Not a bad days work if you ask me.

I took the bus to the capital and wandered through it in a couple of hours. Its not very big but is very old and has a ton of history. And a ton of churches. Very religious people, the Maltese. By lunch time I was hot and tired and had enough of site-seeing for the day. I headed back to the hotel and enjoyed a little lunch and pool time before Brian returned for the day.

Unfortunately I was heading back to London that night, but Brian was able to enjoy one more day in Malta - "working" of course! We had a great time visiting this tiny little country - and would def recommend it if you are in the area!


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