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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Im baaaaackkkk - again!

I'm back from Malta! Brian had some work to do down there and he is in the air as we speak heading back to London, where summer appears to be over.

As soon as I can I will upload our pics - we had a GREAT time in Malta! Sunshine! HEAT! Ocean! 12 yr olds partying their butts off! Seriously. Malta was a great/weird/interesting tiny country. We went to the beach, went scuba diving (brian, not me...we all know how well that turned out last time I attempted breathing under water), explored the capital and had some great food!

A full recap will follow as soon as Brian gets back with the camera...and I am HAPPY to say that I do not resemble a lobster for once :)
We are back in London for a few weeks, the next trip isnt planned until August! Jeff is coming to visit this weekend so I will be busy playing tour guide - very happily I might add! Its been a LONG time since I last saw Jeff, and am excited to have another visitor!! I guess that means I should go clean the apt...more to come later!


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