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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

NYC Update

FINALLY - youre getting an update from our trip to NYC a couple of weeks back. I'm slow. I know.

It was a VERY busy week - we spent lots of time in LI visiting friends and family, and lots of time in NYC visiting friends, looking at potential wedding venues, visiting with family, party with our friends and attending Frank and Laurens wedding!!

Sad to say, the weather was pretty crap - it was actually nicer and warmer in LONDON than it was in NYC that week...strange....

here is a link to our pictures from our week at home - of course i broke my camera right at the beginning of Frank and Laurens wedding, so I dont have any pics of that - but there are plenty of other good ones on there!

This weekend we will be in Ireland, so I promise a more timely update from that trip next week!


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