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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Malta - Day 3

We had booked an all day diving trip for Sunday. We were to leave at 9 am, head over to the island of Cosimo, take a boat over to the first dive site, break for lunch, head to the second dive site and then make our way back to St Julians. After a *hectic* morning getting ready (lets just say it had something to do with us NOT setting our clocks forward to Malta time) we finally made it to the dive center. A short van trip later and we were on the boat heading towards the first dive spot. I should clarify at this point that Brian was going diving and I was going snorkeling. Anyone who remembers my not so pleasant diving experience in St Croix will know that I'm safer at the top of the water, not the bottom.

After all of the divers took off for their first dive, I jumped in with all of my scuba gear and immediately lost all of it. One of my flippers and my mask popped off when I hit the water and immediately sank. Who knew...plastic flippers and masks sink. Now I do. Snorkeling - so far not working for me. Once to divers came back, one of the instructors was kind enough to dive to the bottom to retrieve my gear - but not before he was alerted that the "American girl lost her gear!". Which I was thankful for because this meant I wasn't going to have to hose off diving gear for the next two weeks to pay them back.
We headed over to the Blue Lagoon for lunch - an amazing sandy beach area which is wildly popular with locals and tour boats. We grabbed some lunch, saw some amazing scenery and enjoyed an ice cream (or two) before heading out to the second dive spot. My second attempt at snorkeling was much more successful - I left the flippers on the boat and put my mask on after I slowly lowered myself into the water. Much better.

We were pretty exhausted from our busy day, so we headed back to the bay for dinner. We had some pizza and enjoyed people watching from our terraced view. All in all a great day!


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