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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Ireland - Day 1

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend!

Brian and I went to Ireland for the weekend and we had an amazing time. At first we were going to go to Dublin, but then a friend of ours invited us out to his families house on the west coast of Ireland - about an hour west of Galway. Shortly after landing in Dublin, we picked up our rent-a-car and were on our way west!

We spent the afternoon of our first day exploring Galway. A small city with a big university population, Galway has loads of charms. Tons of little shops, pubs and restaurants to explore! We wandered around for the afternoon, taking our time, and enjoyed our first pint of Guinness at The Quays Pub (pronounced k-e-y-s). The Quays is super popular amongst locals and tourists, as the inside of the pub was an old church that was dismantled and reassembled in Ireland! The inside has tons of character, and we wished that we were going to be around that evening to enjoy it at it fullest! Sadly though, we said goodbye to Galway and headed west to Seans house in Carna.

The drive there was amazing - the west coast is full of rocks...seriously more rocks than I have ever seen in my whole life! The roads are VERY narrow and full of twists and turns (although the speed limit is still 60MPH...interesting...) and relatively easy to navigate since there aren't that many roads out there in general! After about an hour we arrived at Seans house - a small cottage on the ocean that has been in his family forever.

Sean showed us the lay of the land - we walked all along the coastline climbing the rocks and avoiding jellyfish. We gathered drift wood as we went along, and had a great bonfire to end the evening!

Here is a link for our pics - there are a ton just to warn you :) but def worth a look!


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