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Thursday, December 11, 2008

christmas tree

so heres a story for you...
since december started we noticed that the street markets and some flower shops had begun selling christmas trees. now brian has always had a fake tree, and i have always had a real tree for christmas. luckily (and this is the only time youll hear me say this) we dont have enough storage space to keep a fake tree, so brian agreed that we would get a real tree for christmas. while poking around the street markets we noticed that all of the "christmas trees" were really sad looking - sparse, uneven branches, usually no more than 4 or 5 feet tall...think charlie brown christmas tree but worse. and it seems like the brits are fine with these trees. now i dont know if this is because they dont farm massive national lampoon size christmas trees here in the UK, or if they just dont really care about what their christmas tree looks like. but we, were not settling for a charlie brown christmas tree.

a little online research revealed a christmas tree farm that sells their christmas trees in several locations in london. it seemed like they had a good selection judging from the pictures online, and there happened to be a selling location fairly close to our neighborhood. so sunday morning brian went to get us a christmas tree. a couple of hours after he left i hear someone struggling to get in the front door. assuming it was him with a tree i ran out to help. he had found a tree (a great tree!) but then had to walk 2 miles back to our apt with it, because the buses and cabs wouldnt pick him up with this big tree. as he says, he was that asshole walking down the busy street with a 6' christmas tree on his back knocking over everyone. god bless him. we got the tree inside and he was covered in sap - on his hands, neck, jacket, everywhere - and we had a little bit of a hard time getting the tree in the stand. but once it was up it was beautiful! make sure to cimpliment brian on the wonderful christmas tree he got the next time you talk to him :)

pictures of the decorated and undecorated tree


  1. Ok so I just laughed out loud thinking about Brian walking the streets of London with a Christmas tree on his back!!!! =p Love it. Glad you guys got a good one though - its so pretty!!! MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hahahahaha oooh i laughed too man!!! i only had to run around the outside of b2 to get our tree one year!! nice job brian!!! hahaha ok i'm going to go hug by fake tree...and i thought of you when i watched charlie brown's xmas with the kids!!! Miss you!!

  3. We had the same problem in France with the Christmas trees! They always looked a little sad (and my dad was NOT carrying a 6' tree home on his back!). Ill have to show you pictures sometime to compare :)