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Sunday, December 21, 2008

weekend wrap up

happy holidays!!

i hope you all had a nice weekend, and hopefully many of you are done digging out of the snow! no snow here, but hopefully Salzburg will be covered in snow when we get there on Wed. Keep your fingers crossed!

this week i finally went to Harrods for the first time. fantastic. its all decorated for christmas and even though i went 5 days before christmas the crowds werent that bad once you left the first floor. i soon discovered why. the clothes there are amazing, no doubt, but definately WAY out of my price range...maybe i should stick to Topshop :) as amazing as the clothes were, i have to say i was most impressed by (and in awe of, since i walked around the entire time with my mouth open wide) was the food hall. they have EVERYTHING you can imagine, all broken up into their own seperate rooms. they have a patisserie, a chocolate shop, a candy shop, a GELATO BAR, sushi bar, several cafes and restaurants, fruit and veggie shop, a full Krispie Kreme shop...the list goes on and on. it was awesome.

brian and i went to a german christmas fair on saturday. there is a big fair set up in hyde park for the christmas season. they have a ferris wheel, rides for kids and adults, and a big german "village" with food, mulled wine, beer and shops. it was pretty cool. we had the obligitory german sausage, beer and mulled wine and then walked around a bit. since it was the saturday before christmas the place was a bit of a mad house, so we left as soon as we saw all the sites, but it was a lot of fun. a little weird to be at a christmas festival and it was 55* out...but hey, im not complaining.

We leave EARLY Wed morning for Salzburg. We have a few things on out itinerary including a traditional Austrian christmas eve dinner, a sleigh ride in the alps on christmas day, and perhaps some snow shoeing or cross country skiing. im sure ill have tons of pictures and stories to post once we return, so check back here next week!

have a wonderful and safe holiday!!


  1. Hey Tracy,
    I just saw your blog. Salzburg is one of my favorite towns in Europe! You guys are going to have an amazing time! Merry Christmas!
    ~Anne :D

  2. Hey Tracy,

    Its Slatts and I just rolled over in hysteria reading about Brian in London with a friggin Christmas tree!! Classic!! Merry Christmas, we love and miss you guys! Talk soon!