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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Hello! i hope you all had a nice weekend!
the weather was super gross the entire weekend, so we spent most of it holed up inside the apt watching tv and movies...all around a good time.

we finally booked a trip for christmas! since we wont be going home for christmas we wanted to go somewhere snowy and super traditional christmas (me, not so crazy about the snow part, but its way better than rain). we finally decided on Salzburg for our mini vacation. i have been once before, but brian has never been. we are leaving christmas eve and will be back on saturday. salzburg is supposed to be traditionally decked out for the season - christmas markets, special dinners and carols...the whole nine yards! we have a special christmas eve dinner planned and a sleigh ride for christmas day. needless to say, we are VERY excited!

i went to the royal opera house yesterday for one of their lunch time recitals. the royal opera house has a 2 year program for recent graduates (im taking opera singer\musician\dancer graduates, not your average business grad) - they spend the mornings in class, and in the afternoon they have to perform recitals for the public. their lunch time recitals are on mondays at 1pm, tickets are first come first serve and totally free. the singer was amazing, singing opera will always be a mistery to me. it was really fun, and something i will definately keep on my calendar!

i hope you guys have some fun plans for the holidays!


  1. Going to Salzburg for x-mas sounds great.....There is the Augustiner Braustubl which is a monk run brewery that is on the old town side of the river. Hmmmm....Church service and beer all in one....

    Lousy weather and the British Museum close by...just a thought...

    Merry x-mas.

  2. So I just remembered you have a blog. Great story about your christmas tree, I've been that guy many times, just not with a tree in London. That concert sounds awesome by the way. Have fun on your trip and Merry Christmas!

  3. Augustiner Braustubl - i have been there before!! i went there with my friends when we were studying in florence, and its the FIRST thing i told brian about! it is def. on our itinerary!!

  4. thanks greg! i hope you have a great holiday! ill tell brian hes not alone with the christmas tree thing :)