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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Recap - pt 2

Christmas Recap - pt 2

Christmas Day - December 25, 2008

For Christmas Day, we wanted to do something a little bit special, a little bit snowy, and a little bit out of town (since everything in town was closed all day!). We booked a Sleigh Ride tour with Panorama tours. Basically what it involved was a 2 hour bus ride up into the mountains (specifically, the alps) to a small town. here we were to have lunch, a little walk about and finish with a 2 hour sleigh ride. The reason we chose Salzburg for our christmas trip is because we figured it would be nice and snowy, and super christmasy. Well, it was christmasy but Salzburg itself was not that snowy. Once we got to Ramsau, the town where the sleigh ride was to take place, it was very snowy. They had a lot of snow on the ground and there was more coming down. It ended up snowing the whole time that we were there!

Once we walked around the (very small) town and had a light lunch (of goulash and bread dumplings) it was finally time for our sleigh ride. We lucked out and got a great sleigh driver, Hans, who was funny and talkative, and really made the ride great! We started off going through the woods and then continued through the country side, passing small clusters of houses and farms. Cross country skiing is a big sport in Ramsau, so we passed a lot of the locals out on their skiis for a christmas day outting. The sleigh ride was amazing (brandy schnapps helped keep us warm), and in danger of sounding cliche and sappy, it was truly out of a story book. There was snow falling the whole time, it was really magical. The best decision we made the whole trip!

By the time it was time to head back to Salzburg the roads were covered with a couple inches of snow. I wasnt sure the bus driver was going to be able to make it down the hairpin turns down the steep mountain, but we made it back alive! Dinner and drinks in town wrapped up the day, a very successful christmas day indeed!


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